‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath’ recap: Hope is not a strategy

‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath’ recap: Hope is not a strategy

Are you sick yet? Have you hit the stage of regret after eating so much Halloween candy that you’re ready to vomit up Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Milky Way Simply Caramel bars? Has the remorse of the sugar junkie finally taken hold? If so, let me assure you: I’ve been there for a week already. I always insist on buying Three Musketeers to give out to costumed kids because it is the best candy in the history of candy. The only problem is my wife insists on buying freakin’ Almond Joy because, apparently, she enjoys ruining young children’s Halloween by contaminating their bags with the most disgusting chocolate treat imaginable.

We do this so that when we are inevitably stuck with leftover candy, we have our favorite one on hand, but because we have such disparate tastes when it comes to chocolate — and, well, pretty much everything — the whole situation has escalated into some sort of Halloween Cold War with each of us amassing as much ammunition as possible as early as possible to drown out the other. Then we just start eating it all before Halloween even arrives. So I’ve felt pretty gross since, like, Monday. (Not as gross as any of the kids who came to my house this evening and got stuck with the Almond Joy. Seriously, they’d probably prefer the dreaded box of raisins.)

But I’ve got just the medicine for you over-indulgers out there. A special Halloween recap of this week’s Survivor episode! And in the spirit of said holiday, we shall divide each section into Tricks & Treats. Allow the super spooky recapping to begin!


In the ultimate Halloween trick of all, editors included a bit in the “Previously on…” segment that was not, in fact, previously on! That’s right: In the recap segment, we saw Angelina saying while voting for Lyrsa that “This is just a phony vote so I can try and get Natalie’s jacket before she leaves” — which cleared up any confusion as to why she voted the way she did. I can’t recall whether the show has ever done that before. I can’t recall because usually, I am only paying half attention to that part of the show. But if it’s not new to the show it’s at least new to me.

I actually kind of love this. Producers are always bemoaning that they don’t have enough time every week to cram in everything they want, so why not sneak in some previously unseen footage into the “Previously on…”? Regardless, this is just the latest example of a production that has been trying out a lot of new things this season and taking more risks in terms of the way they present their storytelling, and so far, it’s paid off big time.

Angelina then later informed Lyrsa that she only voted for her in an attempt to trick Natalie into giving her the jacket. I guess she hoped this would bring them closer, but it actually had the opposite effect. “A jacket? Like, that’s very petty,” said Lyrsa. “And that’s really mean and says a lot about Angelina’s character. For her, the jacket is more important than me. So I don’t trust her.”

I wouldn’t either. Here’s the thing about Angelina, she is super sneaky and playing the game super hard, which I LOVE. (She reminds me a bit of Eliza and R.C.) But the problem is, she is not very good at hiding that she is super sneaky and playing the game super hard. Angelina’s poker face is just not strong enough. The best players are the ones you think you can trust, but nobody seems to think they can trust Angelina.


“Natalie going home was bittersweet. She was bitter, and for the tribe, it was sweet.” That’s a great line from Angelina. In fact, tonight’s episode was filled with fantastic sound bites.


I could watch an entire hour of Christian spearfishing. CORRECTION: I could watch an entire hour of Christian walking down the beach in flippers to go spearfishing. Why was he putting the flippers on at the top of beach to walk all the way down in? That was super awkward! Just put them on in the water! Incredible. (Note: I watched Parvati and Courtney do this exact same thing when I was out there for Heroes vs. Villains.) And just to hear him describing his “spring-loaded murder machine” was fantastic as well.


We haven’t had a ton of big challenge comebacks this season, but we had one here in the reward contest as the teams pulled a big trick on us during the final stage. The challenge itself involved one person being attached to a heavy bag of coconuts while the team had to get the bag to the beach and lift the bag to enable the attached person to climb over an obstacle and retrieve four rings. Then the team had to land those rings on a target. First place got cooking utensils, herbs, spices, and four kebabs. Second place got two kebabs.

Anyway, Jabeni was getting their collective ass kicked. Like, it was kind of embarrassing. Don’t take my word for it. Take Probst’s! “This is a disaster for Jabeni! Absolute disaster!” (See, told you.) Meanwhile, Vuku was dominating, going into the ring toss with a massive lead. Only then something funny happened. Vuku ended up getting last place after they could not land the rings, and Jabeni came back to take second and win some food for their trouble. No doubt that food would serve as fuel for the upcoming immunity challenge that they would surely dominate!

Jeff Probst leads adventurous in the ultimate (and original) reality series.

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