Sydney set for soggy start to summer

Sydney set for soggy start to summer

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November 15, 2018 15:48:49

There is some good news for New South Wales farmers struggling with drought — the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is predicting a wet start to summer.

Key points:

  • BOM is predicting a 65 per cent chance of above average rainfall next month
  • The east coast around Sydney is more likely to see the rain than in western areas
  • There is still an increased chance for extreme weather such as heatwaves and bushfires

In its latest climate outlook, the BOM said it was expecting December to be wetter than average.

“It’s a pleasant surprise for areas especially for areas that have been quite dry,” said Agata Imielska, a senior climatologist at the BOM.

The BOM is predicting a 65 per cent chance of above average rainfall next month but it may not be received by all.

That means areas will get at least 50 millimetres of rainfall, while some may be up to 400 millimetres.

Eastern, and south-eastern parts of the state, including Sydney, are more likely to see rain than western areas.

The amount of rain is also not expected to break the drought.

“It would be nicer to see the signal across the entirety of the state and particularly west of the Great Dividing Range,” Ms Imielska said.

“Still better than seeing a dry outlook obviously.”

People in NSW should brace for hot days and nights, as the outlook points to warmer than average temperatures throughout summer.

The BOM also predicted there would be an increased chance of extreme weather, such as heatwaves, because the state had been so dry.

It said the increased risk of bushfires that had been predicted would not change, despite the rain expected in December.

“Sometimes that rainfall can actually stimulate some growth which can then dry out and actually pose a potential bushfire risk,” Ms Imielska said.




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