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Looker is a sharp, heart-racing thriller about celebrity obsession: EW review

“She belongs to us,” an unnamed woman narrates in the opening paragraph of Looker. “To our block, I mean.” Our narrator isn’t speaking about any ordinary neighbor, though — she’s claiming a kind of possession of the actress, a movie star whose mythic existence in her ritzy New York community puts her on par with…

The Burning Chambers: Preview your next historical-fiction obsession

Meet The Burning Chambers, the first entrant in a sweeping new historical-fiction saga. The latest from best-selling author Kate Mosse (The Taxidermist’s Brother) has already launched in the U.K. to huge popularity and acclaim, and now it’s set for a splashy stateside debut. Kicking off a new series set in 16th-century France, The Burning Chambers will be…
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