The Voice recap: The Top 13 perform for your votes

<em>The Voice</em> recap: The Top 13 perform for your votes

Tonight on The Voice, we have the Top 13 — the eight saved by America, the four saved by the coaches, and the one saved by The Comeback Stage — vying for a chance at the Top 11. Let’s take a look at how all the singers did in tonight’s live performance round.

Team Blake: Chris Kroeze

“Let it Be” by the Beatles
Dedicated to: his hometown of Barron, OH

Have we talked about the fact that Chris Kroeze sounds like Richard Marx yet? Because he does. So much. His voice is a mixture of sweetness and gravel, which has obviously inspired some interest in audiences who voted him through last week. Tonight, Chris is venturing outside of the country zone again for this soul-pleaser. It’s a good choice in theory, but I wish he’d have saved this number for a later week when he might have enough time to keep its original pace and not speed it up so much. Unless that was an intentional rearrangement, in which case … [Imagine the “Not great, Bob!” GIF here].

Team Adam: Tyke James

“(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” by Bryan Adams
Dedicated to: his mother Mel

This guy. In the rehearsals footage, this seems like a disaster waiting to happen because he sounds all wrong for this song, but coach Adam Levine gave him some very good guidance to play this one with some simple Hawaiian style, and yeah, it’s basically amazing. It’s a little like the way Iz Kamakawiwo’ole managed to finally revolutionize “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” after so many people went literal with it by dialing it back to just him, a ukulele, and a merry disposition. Tyke, too, has all of those elements on tap tonight and delivers a take-notice performance. This is exactly the kind of rendition that will court the iTunes downloads he needs because who doesn’t want to hear such an original, thoughtful version of a song like this. So well played. I want to hear it again and again. He better not be on the chopping block again tomorrow or else [waves fist feistily].

Team Adam: DeAndre Nico

“I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe
Dedicated to: his girlfriend Crystal

DeAndre Nico kind of sneaks up on you doesn’t he? It’s no knock on his talents to say that I didn’t foresee him being in the Top 13, but now that he is, it makes a lot of sense. He’s got a lot of heart and an earnest style of delivery that makes it easy to overlook any flaws that might exist in his execution. He takes this modern church ballad and dedicates it to his girlfriend as she grieves the loss of their unborn child, and whew. Yeah. Feels abound. He does seem to struggle with the ceiling of his voice, which is something he should work on in later rounds.

Team Kelly: Kymberli Joye

“Diamonds” by Rihanna
Dedicated to: her sister

Kimberli Joye has already shown us time and time again that she can belt out those power notes like nobody’s business, but since she was in danger of being sent home last week, she’s trying something new on for size this time. Instead of going full blast with her inestimable vocal strength, she’s dialing it back a bit to let us hear something softer from her first. It’s certainly effective to start small and build to her usual boom, although I do wish this arrangement had been just a touch slower.

Team Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes

“Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler
Dedicated to: her parents

Okay, this song is not even fair because it’s such a heart-wrencher that if someone delivers even a half-passable version of it, they’ll sail on through. So, when Kennedy Holmes sings it this beautifully, oh boy. I like that she plays it so safe and concentrates on delivering clean notes at first, but the power of the lyrics sinks in, she starts getting more into it, and by the time the power notes kick in, she’s really selling it. Hoo boy, now I gotta go rewatch Beaches again.

Team Jennifer: Sandyredd

“It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men
Dedicated to: her late mother

At this point, you either like Sandyredd or you don’t. She is very consistent from week to week with who she is and what she’ll sound like. Tonight, she’s especially emotional because this song reminds her of her late mother, but it’s not terribly different than anything we’ve heard before from her. Her low, moaning notes are still just as incredible, and her scream-singing is there raising the roof again. She’s clearly given us everything she’s got every single week, so if the fanfare for her hasn’t developed yet, I’m not sure this will change anyone’s minds.

A rotating chair-full of judges search for the next great superstar singer on this NBC reality show.

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