US Open – Sharapova v Ostapenko

US Open – Sharapova v Ostapenko
  • Break point

    Sharapova 6-3 1-2 Ostapenko*

    Great defence from Sharapova. She changes direction of the ball, hitting strokes with depth and pace to push Ostapenko back behind the baseline. 30-15.

    And a superb rally ends with Ostapenko’s fist thumping the air as Sharapova’s streched backhand sinks into the net. 30-30.

    But it’s break point to Sharapova again.

  • Post update

    Sharapova 6-3 1-2 Ostapenko*

    Three breaks of serve in the opening three games.

    And a few more unforced errors and double faults from Sharapova.


  • Ostapenko breaks back

    Sharapova 6-3 1-2 Ostapenko*

    Ace from Sharapova. One break point saved.

    Then a sliced miss-hit from Ostapenko. Deuce.

    Sharapova reaches two sensational shots with the tip of her racket before Ostapenko eventually sinks the point. Advantage.

    And a double fault. Ostapenko with another break.

  • Two break points

    *Sharapova 6-3 1-1 Ostapenko

    A fine return from Ostapenko takes the paint off the back line but it’s called out. She challenges and it’s in but she has to replay the point.

    Ostapenko doesn’t let it bother her though, as she comes pounding back with a flying forehand down the line. 30-0.

    And she thinks she’s got a break point but Sharapova’s ace is called in and is proven right on Ostapenko’s unsuccessful challenge. 30-15.

    But Sharapova hits into the net to gift Ostapenko two break points.

  • Sharapova breaks back

    *Sharapova 6-3 1-1 Ostapenko

    Ostapenko is falling away from her toss and it’s affecting her serves. Another one flies into the net but Sharapova doesn’t make the most of the second serve, flashing it into the net.

    Two break points are saved but Sharapova delivers the blow with a thumping backhand down the line.

  • Three break points

    Sharapova 6-3 0-1 Ostapenko*

    Once again Sharapova fights back with aggressive ground strokes. She’s 30-0 up and Ostapenko shrugs her shoulders in despair.

    Another unforced error and it’s three break points for Sharapova.

  • Ostapenko breaks

    Sharapova 6-3 0-1 Ostapenko*

    Double fault.

    Break for Ostapenko! Clean slate it is!

  • Break point

    *Sharapova 6-3 0-0 Ostapenko

    A looping second serve from Sharapova is smacked into the net before Ostapenko returns two deep backhands.

    Then Ostapenko forces Sharapova wide and the Russian’s forehand flies wide of the line.

    Break point Ostapenko.

  • Post update

    *Sharapova 6-3 0-0 Ostapenko

    It’s been all too easy for Sharapova so far.

    A few nervy moments at the end of that set but she has rarely been troubled on serve. Ostapenko’s unforced error count is increasing with each game and her frustrations are clear to see.

    Clean slate for the second set?

  • Game and first set

    Sharapova 6-3 Ostapenko

    In no time it’s 30-0 to Sharapova.

    Ostapenko is fuming. She smacks her legs several times and urges her feet to move. There’s a livid scowl on her face.

    But it doesn’t help her case as Sharapova goes 40-15 up before a perfectly-weighted lob gives her an immediate break back.

    First set Sharapova.

  • Ostapenko breaks

    Sharapova 5-3 Ostapenko*

    Oh here we go! Game on.

    Ostapenko’s return is deep and Sharapova hits it straight into the net.

    Game Ostapenko.

  • Break point

    *Sharapova 5-2 Ostapenko

    Ooosh. A terrific backhand forces Sharapova off balance and the ball bounces off the strings of her racquet and flies wide.

    Then a double-fault from the Russian. 30-0 to Ostapenko. A few nerves creeping in?

    But Ostapenko goes wide with the backhand before Sharapova switches direction to unleash a ferocious forehand winner. 30-30.

    Sharapova’s serve comes fizzing back at her thanks to a terrific backhand return from Ostapenko and it’s her first break point.

  • Ostapenko holds

    *Sharapova 5-2 Ostapenko

    Three terrific serves allows Ostapenko to recover and she saves two set points and gets the advantage.

    Sharapova returns long and Ostapenko holds.

    She shakes her head in disgust. There’s a long way to go to come back from this…

  • Two set points

    Sharapova 5-1 Ostapenko*

    22 unforced errors from Ostapenko…

    And it’s 15-0 to Sharapova. Then 30-0.

    But Sharapova makes a mistake herself. 30-15.

    Then another thumping forehand gives Sharapova two set points.

  • Sharapova holds

    Sharapova 5-1 Ostapenko*

    A short rally then a wide forehand from Ostapenko. 15-0.

    Then a looping forehand forces the 10th seed to hit from the body and it goes long again. 30-0.

    Ostapenko attempts a drop shot and it falls short. 40-0. She looks up to her box and mutters with frustration.

    Then she produces a thumping forehand winner to get on the board. 40-15.

    But Sharapova pops up with an ace to win her fifth game in a row.

  • Kohlschreiber stuns number four seed

    Kohlschreiber 6-7 (1-7) 6-4 6-1 6-3 Zverev

    Copyright: Rex Features

    He’s pulled it off.

    Philipp Kohlschreiber beats a top five player at a major for only the second time in his career with victory over number four seed Alexander Zverev, who was a break up in the fourth set.

    Kohlschreiber said: “It’s an awesome feeling, the crowd was amazing.

    “I think it was a really entertaining match. I’m very pleased with my performance.

    “I returned very well. The short slice worked – he wasn’t moving to well to the net. Lucky me today.”

  • Post update

    *Sharapova 4-1 Ostapenko

    Sharapova has won 89% of her first serves…

    But Ostapenko has to find a way to get back into this game.

  • Sharapova breaks

    *Sharapova 4-1 Ostapenko

    A double-fault, Ostapenko’s fourth of the match, gives Sharapova the break.

  • Two break points

    Sharapova 3-1 Ostapenko*

    Lots of unforced errors from Ostapenko so far.

    Aggressive ground strokes from Sharapova push her deep behind the baseline and the Latvian sees shots smash into the net and go long.

    Two break points for Sharapova.

  • Sharapova holds

    Sharapova 3-1 Ostapenko*

    A swipe of the racket from Sharapova and she’s 15-0 up.

    Then Ostapenko pushes her wide and the backhand flies towards the stands. 15-15.

    A decent first serve takes it to 30-15 but a double-fault brings it back level. 30-30.

    Ostapenko’s backhand then flies into the net and she pushes the next shot outside the lines as Sharapova holds.

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