Watch: Women’s Six Nations – Italy v France

Watch: Women’s Six Nations – Italy v France

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Video caption: Southport Ladies: ‘My other half said I couldn’t play rugby. I’m better than he is!’

If you enjoy being active and want to build your fitness and strength then rugby union is the sport for you.

From scrummaging and tackling, to sprinting with the ball, rugby can be a high-intensity workout that will boost both your fitness and your strength.

The growing popularity of women’s rugby in the UK can be seen through the success of the England team at the 2014 World Cup.

It is incredibly popular at universities, and women’s rugby clubs around the country are always looking for enthusiastic players and the next new pool of talent.

Find your local club in England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland to give it a go. Or if you want a bit more information head to our handy guide here.

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